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5 Important things to know before buying a home

July 04, 2018 | Silky Malhotra

5 Important things to know before buying a home

In the initial days of our career itself, we realise the importance of having a home of our own. A majority of India’s working population, therefore, wants to buy a flat as soon as their financial conditions permit. However, buying a home in a jiffy can be a big problem and it would be wise if you pay attention to the following 5 points before you buy a home.

1. Legal checks-First and foremost it is important that you understand whether the builder has already got his legal clearances or not. This is done to avoid getting caught up in a mess which would take some years to clear up. There are properties like Kalpataru Expansia which have been constructed after taking all the necessary permissions. To avoid getting fleeced it would be better if you invest your hard earned money here.

2. Reserved land- At times the property has been built and we wonder that everything has been taken care of. After some time we are informed that the land on which the property was constructed is actually a reserved land leading to loads of confusion and trouble for you. You can look for a property like Kalpataru Expansia Thane as it has been constructed by a reputed builder keeping all the points in consideration.

3. Operating history- You will also have to know more about the developer and his reputation with regards to his already existing homes. This can be done easily by talking to some of their old customers or reading some online reviews. Get to know if any of their flat possessions have been delayed because of the carelessness of the developer. If you invest your money in a trustworthy builder project you will not have to face so many doubts and issues. They already have a lot of existing projects and have a solid reputation which is hard to beat.

4. Document and paper clearances – Most property developers have to get a certain set of papers cleared before they even start getting their project constructed. However, at times, developers play games and with insufficient documentation start planning their projects at hand. To avoid that do a full research on the credentials of the property developer as this would solve a lot of your problems at hand.

5. Price factor- The property market has a rate going on which should be uniform for most of the properties in that region. Always find out whether the property developer is charging you for extra facilities which may not be up to the mark. Kalpataru Expansia price is reasonable and when you compare them to the kind of amenities they are providing you would realize the benefit value you are getting.

If you are planning to buy a property do not do so in haste. Look around for reputable projects like Kalpataru Expansia as only then you would be able to lead a life of peace and solitude. Since property buying is a once in a lifetime purchase it is crucial that you do not hurry up and make a mistake.


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